“Give me wisdom and knowledge to rule them properly, for who is able to govern this great nation of Yours?” (2 Chronicles 1:10)

If you are a leader, you are going to need some things. How about an increase in wisdom and knowledge? You will find them in God, in His Word, and manifest in His Spirit.

He will equip you for what He has called you to. Anything else would be unreasonable, don’t you think? Ask Him for what you need, and watch Him provide.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with leadership aspirations. These desires may well be part of God enabling you to fulfill His purposes in you, and through you. We are co-labourers with God; what an honour!

However, if you are under the mistaken thought that you can do it without Him, please reconsider.

Quick Prayer. “May I have your wisdom Lord, I need it to do what you have called me to.” Amen