Strategic Planning

Group Facilitation for Not-For-Profit ‘Stragile’ Strategy Days.


Build a 3-YEAR plan in a day! Yes that is possible. It’s about being “STRAGILE”, (Strategically Agile), Mark Bilton has successfully used this actual system to turnaround three major companies in a very short timeframe. He also uses it extensively in his Leadership Practice; Thought Patrol. The process and outcomes are then available in the Cloud for 90-Day reviews and recalibrations. It is flexible, empowering, transformative, transparent and collaborative; exactly what you need in today’s fast paced environment. It has been made available to faith based not-for-profit organisations at a significantly discounted rate.

what dowe teach?

What is theProcess?

We begin with a study of the organisation and the environment in which it operates. This diagnoses identifies the key trends, indicating the future environment in which the organisation must become relevant. Strategic investments are then deduced by a gap analysis from current capability. 12 month milestones with empowered owners are  then identified and reviewed every 90 days, embedding a ‘Stragile’ culture.

‘StrategyConnect’ is the only strategy development and implementation tool we use. It allows us to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time resulting in a one page plan that empowers people to act. The ‘StrategyConnect’ online tool and 90 day rollover process keeps the plan alive and dynamic in a fast and efficient way. The process teaches people to think strategically and positively changes the culture by making strategy accessible and constantly front of mind.

Who is it for?

Any faith based, not-for-profit organisation that wants a clear set of focused outcomes and wants to get there quickly. The process leverages the collective wisdom and in the process creates a great sense of collaboration and engagement. It’s as good for culture as it is for strategy! Whether you have a team of 10 or 10,000 it is equally applicable.

What are the Outcomes?

We will build on the day, a three-year Strategic Map, with demonstrable measurable outcomes.
Strategic investments are identified as; 12-month milestones and milestone owners.
Even 90 Day targets are set and assigned, all with a unified agreement on direction.

A transparent accountable cloud based monitoring system is enacted giving accessibility, transparency and clear accountability.

what is the Investment?

In order to spread cashflows and ensure a 12-month embedding program, we spread payment for the Strategy Day, Software Licence, 90-Day Recalibration workshops, all support and mid-90 day checks, all into a simple monthly retainer. Just pay for the Strategy Day itself and then a monthly fee to cover all the Embedding and Strategic Implementation Support.


Please feel free to make contact. We will respond, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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