“Do not revile the king even in your thoughts, or curse the rich in your bedroom, because a bird in the sky may carry your words, and a bird on the wing may report what you say.” (Ecc 10:20)

I don’t think the birds are really listening to what we are saying, but the impetus of this word is that we should act as though they were.

We are all placed at work with someone in authority over us. Our leaders are not always as we may want them to be; in fact, some may be downright awful. While we do not condone any unreasonable behavior, we are called to respect those God places in authority over us.

Part of that responsibility is not to revile or curse them. If we do talk to others unkindly or unreasonably behind the backs of our superiors, this Scripture suggests they may find out.

Even if they don’t, the words we speak denigrate our own relationships with others as they see how we treat other people behind their backs. We also poison our own hearts and reinforce our character judgments, which may or may not be correct.

Quick Prayer: Thank You for this warning. Amen.