“May those who delight in my vindication shout for joy and gladness; may they always say, ‘The Lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servant.’” (Psa 35:27)

We have all come from different backgrounds and experiences of what a father is like. Some fathers were loving and kind, others brutal or even absent, but all were fallible and human. What about our concept of our heavenly Father? It has to be impacted by the example of our earthly father.

Our concept of God is also molded by tradition or maybe by religion or myth. Most of us underestimate the love God has for us. Many see Him as a capricious deity Who is ready to punish.

God delights in me and you. Delight is such an all-encompassing and emotive word that we cannot mistake it for just a passing interest. He delights in our wellbeing. He wants and loves to see us doing very well indeed.

Quick Prayer: Thank You that You delight in me and in my wellbeing. Amen.