“Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return.” (Ecc 11:1)

I am quite simply the world’s worst fisherman. It does not help matters that two of my brothers are experts. Going fishing with them is an exercise in futility and humility.

But one thing I do know is if you do not cast in your line, you will never catch a fish. Where you do not invest, it is absolutely certain you will never get a return. When you take no risk, you will not receive a reward. No sowing, no reaping.

We all know this, yet so often we are reluctant to take the risk. Many people in old age when talking about regret point to times they would have taken more risk, not less. So go on—go for it. Surround it in prayer, and “ship your grain across the sea.” In due season, you will receive a return.

Quick Prayer: Help me to be proactive in sowing and patient in reaping. Amen