Be on Your Guard

“The merchant uses dishonest scales and loves to defraud.” (Hos 12:7)

We are all tempted to cut corners at work from time to time. The easy way is often the wrong way. Just because everyone else doing it doesn’t make it right. We are called to pay our taxes and be compliant with all legislation, regardless of our views on its validity.

When it comes to our customers, are we providing true value? Do we do what we say, work how we commit to, meet our deadlines, and complete all our work? How can we go even further and walk the extra mile?

God’s way should compel us to a higher standard, to the highest standard, as serving Him. Let our reputations as Christians in the marketplace be a demonstration of the transformed life we claim to have received.

Quick Prayer: Keep me on the narrow, true path, Lord. Forgive me for where I have cut corners. Amen.