“The one who struck the blow will not be held liable if the other can get up and walk around outside with a staff; however, the guilty party must pay the injured person for any loss of time and see that the victim is completely healed.” (Exo 21:19)

God is a God of forgiveness, and when He forgives, we are forgiven completely. However, the consequences for our sin often still remain. Despite being forgiven, we may have outcomes that need to be addressed.

While we are not under the Law and do not need to make amends through a legalistic framework, we still have a duty to show acts in keeping with repentance. These are not to gain forgiveness but are evidence of it being received.

We can’t ask God for forgiveness and then ignore the impact of our sin. We have a duty to take care of addressing the consequences in gratefulness for the forgiveness we have freely received.

Quick Prayer: May I make restitution as You lead, Holy Spirit. Amen.


“Or whatever it was they swore falsely about. They must make restitution in full, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the owner on the day they present their guilt offering.” (Lev 6:5)

We are not subject to the law. We have been released from its hold and are free. However, the wisdom and precepts still come from the heart of God.

While we receive forgiveness for what we do wrong and Jesus has paid the price for that, there are often consequences for our actions. We need to look beyond our forgiveness and endeavor to make restitution to those we have offended or harmed.

Our forgiveness is not in question or reliant on any restitution we may make, but taking the time to heal wounds and put right wrongs is worthwhile.

Quick Prayer: What do I need to put right, Lord? Amen.