Targeted Marketing.

“How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!” (Proverbs 1:17)

We live in a world saturated with overt marketing and an information highway driven by social media. Blatant marketing is now receiving the distain of educated and critical consumers. We need to be much smarter in how we present our products in a desirable light.

Influencing the influencers, experiential marketing, social responsibility and alignment with good causes, are all good ways to target marketing without shouting about the brand, and getting a negative response.

If you want to be really creative, how about asking the Creator. In Him is the fullness of creativity and the fullness of wisdom. What an indescribable resource.

Quick Prayer. “Please fill me with your wisdom and strategies.” Amen

Does your product make a noise?

“When Athaliah heard the noise made by the guards and the people, she went to the people at the temple of the LORD.” (2 Kings 11:13)

We live in a world of information overload, of white noise, bombarded by a seemingly never ending push of product endorsement, advertising and placement. How do we get potential customers to hear? What is more important, how do we get them to understand, and want to buy, our product or service?

To get cut through and be noticed, we have to be creative. Traditional methods just don’t work anymore. Consumers are discerning, educated and have more choice then ever before. There is a rise in social networking and community thought, environmental concerns, individual customization and exponential technology innovation.

One thing is for sure. There is no shortage of communication. One smart idea and the whole world can hear about it, in 24 hours. So get praying, get creative, and explore how you can make a noise.

Quick Prayer. “Help me get creative.” Amen

What is your “point of difference”?

“Even in the case of lifeless things that make sounds, such as the flute or harp, how will anyone know what tune is being played unless there is a distinction in the notes?” (1 Corinthians 14:7)

In order for you to be successful your product or service has to be distinctive. If not, you will only be a “me to”, pushed and pulled around by the whims of competitors, and locked in a price decrease cycle. There will always be a competitor who unwisely chooses to sell it cheaper.

What is it that you do well, why do customers choose to buy from you, how can you enhance that difference, and make yourself more distinctive? If you have a clear advantage, a point of difference, you can show a reason for a higher price, gain a greater margin whilst increasing market share. Yes, it is possible. The profitability gained can enhance your competitiveness further by allowing increased development or investment.

Being distinctive and moving away from a commodity mindset is a critical success factor.

Quick Prayer. “Jesus please show me what makes us distinctive.” Amen