Big Mouth

Big Mouth

“Open your mouth for the mute, in the cause of all who are left desolate.” (Pro 31:8)

If you are in a leadership position in business, God has given you influence. What will you use it for? To bless yourself and your family? Yes, that is fine. To bless others in your company or church? That is fine too. But what of those who have no voice in society, those who have no influence or resources—who will speak for them? How will their voice be heard, and justice done?

Often, we see life through our own worldview, blissfully unaware of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is our duty to look again and ask how we can help. You can make a difference. Is God speaking to you today?

Quick Prayer: Let me see the needs of others and have the courage to speak for them. Amen.

Get Outside

Get Outside

“Prepare your work outside and get your fields ready. Afterwards, build your house.” (Pro 24:27)

There is a lot of wisdom in this one very short verse. When we approach a new problem or situation at work, we have to ascertain the priorities. In this case, part of the required solution is productive and will ensure the secondary outcome.

If the fields are planted and the income is assured, then time and resources can be allocated to building the house. If the approach is the opposite, the house may well be built but with no food and resources, and disaster would ensue. The outcome could well be the loss of the house.

These two outcomes—failure and success—came from the same set of resources in the same situation with the same people; the only differentiator was the priorities set.

A key leadership responsibility is to set priorities to ensure the sustainability of the entirety, not just a single project. We are the keepers of the vision and have the big picture. Knowing the priorities is at the core of good leadership.

Quick Prayer: I see Your priorities, Lord. Help me to align my life to them. Amen.

Quiet Priorities

Quiet Priorities

“Better is a dry morsel with quietness, than a house full of feasting with strife.” (Pro 17:1)

What price do we put on success? What price will we pay for success? How do we measure it? Sometimes our worldly temporal view is clouded and shaped by the society we live in. Our worldview is influenced by the saturation of our cultural norms.

We live in a consumerist society, there is no escaping the western worldview that more is better; here is the shiny new thing you didn’t know about yesterday, but now need today.

In this proverb it seemingly goes to extremes, at least from our Western perspective. Quietness is valued over plenty of food, as is peace, or more correctly ‘lack of strife’.

It speaks to Godly priorities that don’t match our worldly ones. When our priorities are wrong and we chase after more, it is our relationships, peace and tranquility that suffer. These are more highly prized by God than abundance, or even, dare I say, sufficiency.

Quick Prayer: Thank you for your provision Lord, help me to keep my priorities in perspective. Amen.

Have Enough

Have Enough

“Better is little, with the fear of the LORD, than great treasure with trouble.” (Pro 15:16)

How much is really enough? What price are you paying for the extra you think you need? Is the ambition to be wealthier, fogging your focus on God? That is a key question. Please think about that for a moment. Don’t dismiss it out of hand; it may apply to you.

Sometimes the price you pay is too much for the prize. What price are you paying? What price is your family paying? The price is often not the monetary amount but how much of your life you are willing to sacrifice in order to attain it.

Being grateful for what we already have can disempower the greed and consumerism that so easily ensnare us. Being content is a Godly attribute and reflects true priorities and a recognition that He has our best in mind.

Quick Prayer: Thank You for what I already have, Lord. Amen.