Do You Know the Way Forward?

Do You Know the Way Forward?

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” (Pro 14:12 NIV1984)

Sometimes our natural tendencies can come to the fore. Pausing to seek God’s wisdom can often shift our view and may save us from an unseen consequence. It is worth considering that we are not always right and that God has a better view.

When we belong to God, we are in His kingdom, under His jurisdiction. To prosper in this realm, we need to follow the auspices of the King. Doing it God’s way should be our prime modus operandi, even when it doesn’t make worldly sense. But occasionally we need some specific insight. Asking God and expecting an answer is part and parcel of a walk with a personal Savior.

Quick Prayer: Show me Your way, Lord, that I may walk in it. Amen.

Do You Listen – I Mean Really Listen?

Do You Listen – I Mean Really Listen?

“Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed.” (Pro 15:22 NASB)

When we are in leadership, we often feel we need to be seen to have all the answers. Often we think we do have all the answers. The Scriptures are very clear that, despite our blind confidence, we don’t. We need others’ perspectives to get a holistic view.

Often in our business we are removed from the reality of day-to-day contact with customers and suppliers. Those on the front line will often have massive insights into our problems and opportunities.

Even when identified, open dialogue and input are desirable for a clear view. Proverbs 19:20 emphasizes the point, saying, “Listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days” (NASB).

Quick Prayer: Lord, help me to listen to those You have placed around me. Amen.

The Gift of Wisdom – 2 Chr 9:23

The Gift of Wisdom – 2 Chr 9:23

“All the kings of the earth sought audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom God had put in his heart.” (2 Chr 9:23)

We sometimes see wisdom as an elusive trait. It is merely the practical application of godly insight. The origin of true wisdom is in God. He’s the Author and Finisher of our faith. In Him is all wisdom and all insight.

God can grant us wisdom for a particular situation. He can grow wisdom in us through experience, and by learning from Him, we can impart wisdom. Wisdom is a gifting where we intuitively see the practical solutions in the situations that confront us. Whatever way you look at wisdom, it is a good thing, so why not ask God for some today?

Quick Prayer: Father, grant me wisdom for my situation. Amen.

Perspective – Proverbs 22:4

Perspective – Proverbs 22:4

“Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life.” (Pro 22:4)

If people are described as humble, how would you perceive them? Would you see them as strong? Would you see them as powerful? Perhaps because of the denigration of what it is to be humble, we have a perception that humility equals weakness.

True humility is the fear of the Lord. It is not only an intellectual assent to the salvation of Christ but a submission to His lordship. When we align ourselves with God’s Word and with the King of Kings, we are humble. When we agree with what He says about us, we are humble. When we trust in what He says rather than the circumstances we see, we are humble.

And the wages of humility? They are riches and life. Not a bad outcome.

Quick Prayer: Keep me humble. Amen.

I’m not proud.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

Ouch. With a scripture like that it behoves us to remain humble. Humility is not a “I’m just a worm” view it is a perspective that agrees with God and a focus that doesn’t exult ourselves at the expense of others.

It is a position that acknowledges that all we have and all we are comes from God. He is the author and perfecter of our faith, all good things come from Him. To think that we are somehow responsible for the gifts we have or the influence we have is not only proud it is also naive.

Quick Prayer. “Forgive me my self reliance, I put my trust in you Lord.” Amen

Can I Glory in My Work?

“In Christ Jesus, then, I have legitimate reason to glory (exult) in my work for God.” (Romans 15:17)

We work for God. Regardless of our occupation, we are in His employ. Because of this, when we experience success, it is legitimate to glory in it. In fact, we can glory in the very act of service as we work for God in the marketplace.

But what of humility? Surely the ultimate in humility is agreement with God. He says we can glory in our work, so let’s drop our false humility and enjoy it as He intended. There is nothing wrong with enjoying all His good gifts. He provides them for our enjoyment and provision and to make us effective in His kingdom.

What a privilege. If we really grasped this truth, it would revolutionise our work life.

Quick Prayer. “Thank you that I work for you.” Amen