“The wealth of the rich is their fortified city, but poverty is the ruin of the poor.” (Pro 10:15)

There are good things that come with wealth. While there are warnings about wealth, they are usually associated with our attitude toward it and the price we pay to gain it.

When our heart is right before God and we have wealth in balance, it is a blessing from God. It cannot only provide but also protect. It is like a fortified city in that it can bless and protect many. It can be a source of economic prosperity to many people and a safe haven for those who need it.

Poverty can be ruinous and lead to many ills. How we manage our finances and our attitude to money and provision are important to us, and they are important to God. He understands the impact of plenty and of lack.

Quick Prayer: Thank You that wealth surrendered to You is a good thing. Amen.