No Good

“‘It’s no good, it’s no good!’ says the buyer—then goes off and boasts about the purchase.” (Pro 20:14)

This is such a true proverb. Whenever I have been involved in negotiations in business, I have often seen this behavior. God understands the motives and behaviors of men.

It is good to know that God has our best in mind. When you are involved in any kind of negotiation or deal, why not ask for His wisdom and insight? You may be surprised by the outcome.

God is interested in the outcome because it impacts us, His children. When we ask for His involvement, He is always there to be a part of what we are doing. God is often left out because we think He is not interested in some part of our lives. He is enormously interested in every aspect of our work life—even deals.

Quick Prayer: Give me Your wisdom in the deal please, Lord. Amen.