Recommended Resources

Mark Bilton:

This is my personal blog, if you would like to see what I am involved in.

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Marketplace Leaders:

Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God’s complete purposes through their work and to view their work as ministry. Marketplace Leaders exists to help men and women fulfill God’s call on their lives by providing a FREE devotional that goes out to over a quarter of a million people all over the world and by training business leaders to see their work as a catalyst for change through training events and other ministry events.


The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity:

LICC exists to envision and equip Christians and their churches for whole-life missionary discipleship in the world. We seek to serve them with biblical frameworks, practical resources, training and models so that they flourish as followers of Jesus and grow as whole-life disciple making communities. Mark Greene is one of the most articulate and effective communicators in the marketplace today.


God at Work:

In his book God at Work, Ken Costa writes about how the Christian faith should and can be lived out in day to day life at work.

As a high profile banker in the City of London, he considers the challenges of living out his faith at work and speaks openly of his own struggles with ambition, money, relationships, success and failure.

By using the Biblical principles that underpin his faith and applying them to the 21st century workplace of today he offers practical advice on tackling the common problems familiar to many: the work-life balance, stress, ambition, failure and disappointment.


Business as Mission Network:

The most comprehensive source of information about the Business as Mission Movement with many links to numerous companies, resources and articles.


Ed Silvoso:

One of the most effective Marketplace Ministers in the world, transforming many businesses and lives as he teaches comprehensively in many countries.


John Maxwell:

Still one of the best and most respected experts and teachers on leadership and personal growth.