Keynote Speaking on Transformational Leadership Topics, and Faith & Work.

What is it?

Mark Bilton is available as a Keynote Speaker for a Conference, Church or a Boardroom talk and everything in between. His practical approach and engaging style is well regarded, as is his extemporary corporate, award winning, ‘change catalyst’ background. Mark’s CEO and Managing Director background ensures his message is commercially appropriate and littered with real world examples, and implementable outcomes. His radical conversion at 21 revolutionised his worldview to serve Jesus in all aspects of his life.

What is theProcess?

Rather than a prescriptive approach, Mark takes time to listen and diagnose where the organisation is at, and what is critical at this particular juncture. He discusses the required outcomes to ensure he is aligned with the leadership and their direction. After an excellent delivery, he will review and revise content to continue to add value for the next event.

What are the Outcomes?

With anecdotes and principals drawn from real-works leadership experience, you always go away with a fresh mindset and a set of applicable ideas. Mark’s background is as a real-world change manager, CEO and Director, having actionable take-home is what he is all about.

What are the options?

Whilst there are a set list of Keynote Talks, Mark will ensure the emphasis is inline with the organisations need at the time. He is also flexible about audience, able to talk and discuss with small groups as well as large gatherings. Wether it is emerging leaders challenging the status-quo or battle-hardened leaders pushing an organisation in a tough environment, Mark is adaptable. He is equally comfortable in purely commercial or faith based environments.

Who is it for?

Churches, para-church, and not-for-profit, or faith based commercial organisations. Mark is a sought after communicator to companies, business groups, leadership teams and boards. If you’re looking for an informative, practical, applicable but engaging, experienced and Christian speaker, you’ve found him.

what dowe teach?

Our ‘Transformation Leadership Topics’ enable leaders to ‘realise their potential’ and transform their workplace.

Authentic Leadership

Christian authentic leadership.

Creating Culture

Create an engaging workplace.

Change Management

Create and lead change.

what is the Investment?


Please feel free to make contact. We will respond, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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