Avo…what? “Avodah” is a Hebrew word that occurs regularly in scripture. It is at the foundation of all that it is to serve and praise our God. The word is translated as WORSHIP and it’s other meaning is WORK.

Work and worship, could they be the same thing? Your work place is your place of worship. As you serve God in excellence and learn to see him in all you do you worship.

Brother Lawrence was a lowly monk in the 17th Century who ‘practiced the presence of God’. He found worship on serving others and the simplest of tasks. His letters are now part of the pivotal writings of church history and of how to walk with God at work. His real name was Nicholas Herman, which sounds less spiritual and says more about who he really was. But Nick found he could sense God’s presence in the mundane and the menial; that is true worship.

The truth of God doesn’t date. It is eternal. That work and worship are the same word say’s it all. Avodah!

Quick Prayer. “Help me to worship, and see You, in all I do.” Amen