“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Mat 6:21)

We honor God by serving Him and being faithful to what He has called us to. Those of us in the marketplace have a responsibility to honor Him in all the arenas of life.

Our focus should always be on Him. Our focus is driven by our priorities, and our priorities are driven by our hearts. Our hearts will shape and mold our behaviors by what is truly important to us.

This Scripture says that our hearts, and therefore our motivations and behaviors, are driven by where our treasure is. What is our treasure? It obviously has financial implications, but I think it goes beyond just money. Our treasure is all that is important to us. If we invest time, relationships, and finances into the Kingdom of God, that is where our hearts will be.

Quick Prayer: Keep my heart and my resources focused on Your kingdom, Lord. Amen.