The short answer in an unequivocal, absolute yes! There is no separation between the secular and the sacred. You can work out your God given gifts, talents and calling, in a business role , as much as you can in traditional ministry.

If you are surrendered to God, and doing what He is asking you to do that constitutes a call. If you are called then you are empowered. The gifts and fruit of the Spirit can manifest just as well in a secular role as in a ministry within a church environment. God is interested in the details of your everyday life and vocation.

Often as business leaders we denigrate our role as just providing finance for the Kingdom of God. Funding the “end times” if you will. This is an important factor but in in no way the totality of your call to business.

We are called to;

Demonstrate the Christian life.
Minister to those around us.
Witness to the lost.
Bring reconciliation to the immediate workplace.
Bring restoration to the wider marketplace.
Have influence in society for good.

We are called to business as “salt and light”.(Mt 5)

Jesus left us a very clear mission statement:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mk 16:15)