“Six days you shall labor and do all your work.” (Exo 20:9)

Are we called to labor? Are we called to work? This Scripture is often quoted as a pointer to the importance of Sabbath, and quite rightly so. But how often do we give ascendency and importance to the rest while ignoring the God-given instruction to labor and call to work?

Without labor there is no rest. God instructs us to work, and God instructs us to rest. There is a balance and restoration in recognizing a calling to both. Both honor God, both bring blessing, and both should be acknowledged as God’s provision and will.

If we labor well and according to God’s principles, we will bring blessing to ourselves, our family, and those around us. If we honor the Sabbath, we will be refreshed and balanced in our relationships with God, family, and community. If we honor and obey God’s instructions to rest, we are then available to do His will for the other six days.

Quick Prayer: I didn’t think I would say this, but thank You for work. Amen.