“Do not have two differing weights in your bag—one heavy, one light.” (Deu 25:13)

This Scripture deals with honesty and integrity—two standards we all know are important to uphold. God is, as usual, black and white regarding the standard required, but here I think we have a scenario where we can take a second look.

The weights referred to were to deceive—one for when selling and one for when buying. But I am sure they were not used in all circumstances. They would be deployed only when the merchant thought he could deceive. It was a way to prey on the weak, the vulnerable, and the inexperienced.

Our challenge is simple. Do we treat all alike, with respect, dignity, and honor? Or do we take advantage of those who are less experienced?

Quick Prayer: May I treat all alike and not be deceitful, even in the small things. Amen.