Reward Hard Work.

“The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops.” (2 Tim 2:6)

Are you in a position of authority? Has God given you the honor of leadership? We all have areas of our work where we are given a position of responsibility or where we rely on or influence others. It is very rare that an individual is completely self-reliant for an outcome.

Whether we are in a direct leadership role or not, we should reward those who work hard on our behalf. Whether that reward is a token of thanks or payment for productivity is not important. It is the honoring of the hard work that pays true dividends.

Company productivity is enhanced when those who work hard are disproportionately rewarded. Our egalitarian culture is fine in many respects, but rewards for hard work and productivity should be a direct correlation.

Quick Prayer: I will reward those who work hard for me. Amen.