Up and Down

“It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.” (Psa 75:7)

If you are looking to be promoted or exalted in some way or another, take a look at this Scripture. First the question is why? While it is true that if we wait for pure motivation, we will all be waiting a long time, God is quite clearly not into selfish ambition.

He is, however, into blessing people and placing His faithful ones into positions of influence and authority where He can impact the world with His love and see His Kingdom expanded.

The down side of acknowledging that God is in the business of exalting people is that He is also in the habit of repositioning people in the other direction. Why on earth would He do that to someone on His team? Perhaps we need some measure of humility, more time with family, or some other reason we can’t even fathom. But one thing is for sure: He is not capricious, and He always has our best in mind.

Quick Prayer: Exalt me in due time please, Jesus. Amen.