Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring for Established and Emerging Leaders of Faith Led Organisations.


A totally confidential monthly peer-to-peer mentoring approach, that allows a CEO to have someone in their corner, who is familiar with the challenges and rewards of senior leadership. Someone who has integrated Faith and Work as a Commercial Leader. Who is in your corner? Who do you have who isn’t in your organisation that can be a sounding board, someone to bounce ideas someone who has been in the trenches and knows exactly what it is like, good and bad.

What is theProcess?

Rather than a prescriptive approach, Mark takes time to listen and diagnose where the individual leader is at, and what is critical at this particular juncture on their journey. He discusses the required outcomes to ensure he is aligned with the leader and their direction. After delivery, he will review and revise content to continue to add value for the next time.

What are the Outcomes?

Optional ‘Personal Plan’ cloud based coaching system, can enable a broader ‘whole-life’ discussion or it can be ‘all-business’. Growth in leadership skills and knowledge and a practical impact on the ‘here and now’ with live issues and opportunities worked on collaboratively. Sometimes all good leaders need to be great is a sounding board and a listening ear.

What are the options?

As all leaders are different we take a custom approach to building the program. It can include aspects of any of the topics available through Called to Business. Also included is the ‘Gallup Strength Finder’ diagnostic.

Who is it for?

Church, Para-Chuch, or Faith based Not-For-Profit organisation leaders, who would appreciate someone walking on their journey with them, and want to go to the next level of leadership. Ideal also for emerging leaders who need to grow into future roles, and understand how faith informs leadership. Can be sponsored by organisational donors.

what dowe teach?

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Christian Leadership.

Creating Culture

How to create an engaging workplace.

Change Management

How to create and lead change.

what is the Investment?


Please feel free to make contact. We will respond, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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